This webpage has a list of books available for purchase written by former abbot Father John Kelly. They are $15 each including postage in N.Z.. Postage for overseas customers can be arranged as required. Please contact the brothers at to place an order or for further information.

“Personal Prayer.” by Fr John Kelly

An insightful book about prayer from many years of experience as a monk of Kopua.

“A Journey in Faith & Prayer.” by Fr John Kelly

An auto biographical account of a man who started his monastic journey at Mount Melleray, in Ireland, a silent community, and rose to be the leader of the community at Kopua.

“21st Century Spirituality.” by Fr John Kelly

“The Love of God.” by Fr John Kelly

Lessons learned in the school of love.


Tjurunga is a publication of the Benedictine Union of Australia and New Zealand. Michael Casey ocso, describes the original focus of this periodical in his last editorial as follows:

“Initially Tjurunga conceived itself to be a channel of ongoing education whereby readers could catch up with some of the recent studies concerning Benedictine history and spirituality and associated topics. The phrase used was haute vulgarisation; the content would aim at a middle-brow audience among those attached to the Benedictine tradition, with a view to bring them up to speed on what was happening in the world of scholarship. In addition, it was hoped that having a periodical of its own would give the Benedictine Union of Australia and New Zealand a greater sense of identity and common patrimony.”