Associates of Kopua Monastery


The Benedictine-Cistercian spirit is extended in a bond of charity through the partnership of the brothers of Kopua with associates.

Associates are encouraged to embody this spirit in their own lives as:

Lovers of their families and
Lovers of the place in which they live:

  • Modelling their lives more deliberately on the values enshrined within the vows of stability, conversion of life and obedience.
  • Making a commitment to a way of living in which prayer, reflection, work and recreation express a balanced and healthy life.
  • Discerning ways in which to express the Benedictine-Cistercian values of community, solitude, simplicity and hospitality within their life and apostolate.
  • As the foundation for all else, we unite in a bond of prayer which is the essential relationship. We also unite in offering prayer for vocations to the community of Kopua.

Who are Associates?

Some are:

  • Guests who have stayed at Kopua and wish to continue their contact with the community.
  • Those attracted to Benedictine-Cistercian values, and wish to associate themselves with a monastic community.
  • Those seeking a flexible framework within which to apply Benedictine values to family and work.
  • Others may be members of the families of associates who wish to be identified with the brothers of Kopua in ways appropriate to their age.


Steps to be taken:

1. Contact the Coordinator.
2. Basic information will be provided:

  • The Benedictine-Cistercian tradition.
  • Kopua and its community.
  • Associates – what Kopua offers – obligations.

3. Those interested would then acquaint themselves with the literature introducing the program.
4. Development of a Rule of life.
5. Formation in Lectio Divina.
6. Introduction to a simple form of the Prayer of the Church.
7. Appreciation of gathering for the Eucharist on Sundays.
8. Encouragement to make an annual Retreat at the monastery if possible.
9. Growing familiarity with the Rule of St. Benedict.
10. Cultivation of silence at the service of contemplative prayer.

The introductory stage of associate development provides opportunity for:

  • Expression and assessment of expectations.
  • A period of orientation to enable development of an affinity with others who may also be setting out as associates.
  • Gradual incorporation over twelve months, after which associates are admitted.

Building on this introduction there will be made available:

  • Regular Newsletters.
  • Reading Courses.
  • Lists of resources.
  • Gatherings at Kopua.
  • Regional gatherings.


A co-ordinator, under the direction of the abbot facilitates communication and disseminates information to foster the associates’ life.


The possibility of venturing further in co-operation with members of churches who recognise in Saint Benedict an ideal and model of ecclesial life whose roots predate the divisions of Western Christianity.


The Abbot and Community are responsible for discerning the vocation to companionship.

Initial contact is usually through the Abbot:

The Abbot

Telephone: +64 6 855 8239
Address: Southern Star Abbey
533 Kopua Road
Takapau RD2
Hawke’s Bay 4287
New Zealand