A few things are happening at the moment so here’s an update… Fr. Nicho has left for the General Chapter of our Order in Italy for two months. He’s currently in the Philippines expressing his gratitude to the monastery on Guimaras Island, and to the families of the brothers for their generosity. Fr. Nicho will also enjoy spending time with his own family in Holland, while he’s in Europe, before returning in October.

We have just completed our annual week long retreat with Fr. Michael Casey from Tarrawarra Abbey in Australia. It was very engaging and entertaining and we learnt much about the value of community, especially in a monastery.

When the guesthouse reopens we will have new guesthouse managers, Maria and Kevin from Palmerston North. We’re very grateful to them for offering to take on that role for us, and we look forward to the many blessings they bring…. Our previous managers Sybil and Jim were a great blessing to us as well. They provided that role for over five years, and they will be spending more time with their family in Palmerston North.

We also had a pleasant surprise in that one of our resident goats has recently given birth to twins. Our goats were given to Br. Aelred by a neighbour a while ago. They are a delightful addition to the monastery… Br. Jonathan, who recently returned from his noviciate at Tarrawarra, brought back his rosary making skills which he learnt over there. So there will be rosaries available from time to time.

We are also grateful to Fr. Alan Robert who will be with us for the next two months in Fr. Nicho’s absence. Fr. Alan is the Parish priest from St. Mary’s in Otaki.

Kind regards from

The brothers at Kopua