Here are a few interesting principles of vocation awareness which give us some insight into the rich variety of calls given by God:

• Each of us is called by God. This call is rooted in Baptism, and is a way of participating in the mission of Jesus. The promotion of vocational awareness is the responsibility of every baptised person.

• There is a rich variety of calls given by God.

• Most people are called to marriage. Some people are called to be single, and others are called to be sisters, brothers, priests or deacons. All vocations are equal and make up the Body of Christ.

• The seeds of many religious vocations are sown in childhood, even though the person does not make a vocational decision until adulthood.

• Sisters, priests, deacons and brothers are ordinary people who don’t claim to be perfect, but desire to be of service in how they live and work.

• To be a brother, sister, deacon or priest can be an exciting life.

• Priesthood, permanent diaconate and religious life are for healthy, happy and energetic women and men.

• A celibate choice is a valid and healthy way of loving that demands an integrated sense of self and one’s sexuality.

• Personal invitation continues to be the main reason someone chooses to consider religious life, the diaconate and priesthood as possible options.

• There is need for education regarding the language used in relation to: vocations, ministry, religious life, priesthood, diaconate, e.g. charism, vows, formation, novitiate.

• Religious life, priesthood, diaconate continue to evolve in ways rarely presented by the stereotypical images in the media. Based on “A Future Full of Hope” – Parish Leadership (NCCV Chicago)

(from the Serra Council of Australia, N.Z., and the South Pacific